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Anniversary Winners

We would like to thank everyone that came out to skate, support, and volunteer their time this weekend. It was a lot of fun and hope you all enjoyed are the winners from the events. Mini Ramp Beginner: 1- Dylan Cline 2- Alex Beasley 3- Riley Moore Old Guys: 1- Kurt Disney 2- Dustin Barnes Open: 1- Miles 2- Jacob Wooten 3- Bryce Moulton Street Course Beginner: 1- Cooper White 2- Riley Moore 3- Alex Beasley Intermediate: 1- Carson Thomas 2- Laron Lumpkin 3- Jimmy Walsh Advanced: 1- Bryce Moulton 2- Jacob Wooten 3- Blake Moore Best Trick: 1.Tyler- Kickflip Over/Down/Between Hubba, Manual pad, and Column 2- Ivan Hernandez (gap out 4 stair to back lip on manny pad.