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Posted on 09.25.2014

Little Details that Make a BIG Difference When Booking a Downtown Venue


Downtown wedding venues are typically in high demand. People love to be in the center of everything, and no matter which city your wedding is taking place in, chances are all the buzz is localized downtown. But, just because you score big in the location department, doesn’t mean you have to settle on the little things that the city’s center often lacks. Because of location, downtown venues often have some trade-offs. Whether those smaller details mean much to you or not, that’s totally up to you! But, to find out which small details can make a big difference for your big day, I spoke with Mary Virginia Settle, Director of Operations at downtown Nashville venue, Rocketown, who highlighted some of the fabulous things to look for in a downtown venue. Read on for Mary Virginia’s amazing tips!

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1. Check to see if your downtown venue offers on-site parking.

If there is one universal thing about metropolitan areas, it’s that parking is usually scarce, inconvenient, and costly. Yet, for formal events, parking can be extremely important. Guests don’t want to have to walk long distances in uncomfortable clothes and shoes, or if it is raining, etc. And, paying upwards of $10 to park in a garage is not ideal either. But, that is the only option sometimes for venues in these urban settings. So, Mary Virginia suggests that brides considering venues in a downtown area check to see if on-site parking is available. For instance, Rocketown provides free on-site parking with staff designated to help direct guests to the appropriate entrance. If parking is not available, talk with the venue’s point of contact to discuss alternative options.

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2. Downtown venues usually serve alternative functions that can provide fabulous resources for your event.

Whether you’re in the heart of Music City or walking down Beale Street, Tennessee is saturated with incredible music venues. Luckily for the rock-n-roll-loving bride, many of these spaces also double as wedding venues. Particularly in downtown areas, wedding venues serve all kinds of alternative functions, and Mary Virginia says this can give a bride all kinds of great resources. So, if your potential venue is more commonly known as a concert hall, check with them to see if you have access to use their stage and equipment. Some venues, like Rocketown, even offer their lighting and engineering services. Utilizing all your venue’s offerings could potentially save a bride a lot of money in the long run, avoiding additional outside vendors and rental fees.

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3. If the venue offers wedding coordinating services, it’s a keeper.

Every venue has a point of contact (aka someone to arrange your contract, collect your rental fees, and answer any questions); however, not all venues offer coordinating services. Particularly with with alternative venues, your point of contact may not specialize in weddings the way one might at a full-time wedding venue. So, downtown venues that serve a variety of functions might not have someone available to help with all the ins-and-outs on the wedding day. If you’re looking at alternative wedding venues, Mary Virginia suggests you discuss this with your contact. If an on-site coordinator is available, you should inquire about how involved they are (or could be) and if their services are included in your contract or an additional cost.

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For more tips amazing tips from Mary Virginia, check out her advice on How to Create a Unique Wedding Reception.

Mary Virginia has been with Rocketown since 2002. Her favorite part about helping brides create amazing weddings is the individuality of every client. Because everyone is different and couples interact differently, every wedding becomes a truly unique experience. Also, since Rocketown doesn’t have preferred vendors, couples get to go with vendors that are really the best fit for them. Brides are even welcome to show off their Pinterest skills if they have an adventurous DIY side to them and choose to go that route when planing a wedding at Rocketown! To learn more about creating a unique wedding reception, be sure to take a look at the Rocketown website, and connect with them on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Give Mary Virginia a call at (615) 843-4001, and tell her The Pink Bride sent you!

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