Audio / Visual

Rates include one house engineer to assist with your sound and lighting needs. Audio, lighting, and technical needs must be discussed with engineer prior to your event to insure you have the necessary equipment and staffing lined up for your event.


Rocketown welcomes any caterers, and we can provide recommendations to you. Please discuss your catering needs with your Rentals Manager so we can establish an efficient, convenient food service plan and prep space for your event.

Tables & Chairs

Rocketown welcomes any rental companies for tables, chairs, and decorations. The Rentals Manager is able to facilitate any of these items for your event.


Please inquire with our staff concerning our alcohol policy.


Rocketown parking is limited and arrangements need to be discussed with your Rental Manager prior to your event. We do offer free parking and have approximately 150 parking spaces on our property.


We are a NON SMOKING FACILITY. This does include VAPE and E-CIGS.


Rocketown has a security ratio of 1:75 for events. Security is arranged by Rocketown and the client is billed for this expense on a post-event invoice.


Rocketown’s only preferred vendor is its security.

Service Fees

Rocketown does not have a service fee or a minimum requirement. Booking is based on availability. Contact Rocketown’s Rentals Manager as soon as possible if you have particular dates in mind. Courtesy holds will be placed for you if the date is available. Once a date has been agreed upon, a contract must be signed and a deposit made to confirm your event. Full payment is due upon the event date.