Rocketown Reps

Rocketown Reps exists to empower young people by teaching them how to lead and serve effectively within their communities. The Reps practice leadership and service by coming up with creative ways to give back to both Rocketown and Nashville as a whole. This prepares them to carry a disposition of leadership and service as they move through life.

What do the Reps do?

The Reps promote and enact positive change in a variety of ways.

  • Create and improve program options available at Rocketown
  • Spread the word to their peers about Rocketown and what we do
  • Volunteer at our Coffee Bar, Skate Park and Music Venue
  • Learn how to lead, problem solve and serve
  • Go on Rocketown Reps retreats

Why should I join?

Rocketown Reps exists to benefit both you and your community. Joining the Reps will help you develop skills needed for college and career! And if that’s not a good enough reason for you… you receive discounts at our Coffee Bar, Skate Park and Music Venue. You’ll also be able to receive recommendations for college and/or job applications. Not to mention we get to TRAVEL!

If you might be interested then please contact Austin at for more information.