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Safe and Open today!

Rocketown is safe and open today! Thanks to everyone who has checked in. We hope you are all safe. Keep Nashville in your thoughts and prayers. Check in with your people, help each other however you can.

17 years, WOW THANK YOU! Contest Winners

What an amazing weekend to celebrate 17 years! We would like to thank all of you who have supported us over the years. Customers, families, kids, adults, staff, volunteers, brands, etc. It means so much to have a community helps us continue to be a big part of this city and the skateboard scene. Here is the winners from the contest! The turn out and level of talent in this contest was INSANE!!!! Beginner: 1- Josiah Lake 2- Declan Benson 3- Dexter Boywid Intermediate: 1- Will Hamburg 2- Aidan Baxter